Sunday, 1 February 2015


I get some pretty random thoughts when I'm in the shower after a good workout.  Today, I got to thinking about colours.  It's a coming topic in the early grades of Japanese Elementary school or Kindergarten, mostly revolving around the question "What colour do you like?"  My default is green. For a number of years leading up into adulthood, it used to be blue.  It changed to green when I found myself acquiring an unusually large number of green accessories.

Let's face it, aside from my iPad mini cover, I like green things.  I have green cushions, a green blanket, and green place mats.  When I moved to Japan, my predecessor left me a bunch of the ugliest brown things you could imagine.  Well, what colour goes together with brown better than green?  (Okay, maybe a few, like orange and blue, maybe even yellow if you like that sort of thing.)  Thus, I began to fill my apartment with an assortment of green things.  I think it became a little too excessive when I went to my schools with a green bag, green basket like the ones all the teachers carry around, and pretty much all the things you see in the above picture.

However, I only like green on certain things.  It looks absolutely hideous on cars.  When it comes to my dream vehicle, I would have to go with a red Mazda 3.  Just beautiful.

Amazing, isn't it?  But, if I'm being honest with myself, that's a little too good-looking for me.  I need to tone it down a bit, like with a Honda N-ONE.

It's so compact and cute.  I definitely could see myself riding in one of these.  But only give it to me red.  Any other colour just isn't worth it.

Going back to the colour spectrum, I also like different colour combinations.  My favourite complementary combination is orange and blue with yellow and violet in a close second.  Red and green doesn't even come close because it's so closely associated with Christmas.

Things start getting really interesting when you start skipping by thirds on the RBY colour wheel.  I used green and violet to make a logo for myself that's suitable for a business card.

Anyway, I could go on and on.  What's your favourite colour or colour combination?  I only touched a bit on it, but colour theory is fascinating.  I recently found a website that covers colour theory, colour symbolism, and other topics.  I haven't looked at all the topics yet, but if you're interested, you should definitely check it out.

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