Saturday, 31 January 2015

Starting Out

Last night, I had a glorious idea to do a regular blog.  That's pretty funny because I honestly have the hardest time keeping up with things, as anyone could note from my last blog, Sugoi Adventures.  But this one proves to be different, I reassure you!

That being said, I thought I'd start off with Youtube.  Why, you ask?  Because there are several Youtubers I admire for what they do.  Some of them actually make videos for a living and they have a substantial amount of followers.  They put out content that appeals to the masses, and they stick with their niche that focuses in on a certain fanbase:  self help, movie trailer spinoffs, gaming, and just
about anything else you can think of.  I'm a bit of a Youtube addict and I can binge watching my favourite Youtubers for hours on end.  Some of my favourites?  Honest Trailers by Screen Junkies, How It Should Have Ended by Hishe, The Game Theorists, and DNews to name a few.  I recently came across a Canadian guy who does a bunch of top tens and crazy facts.  If you've never heard of these famous people, go check 'em out.

Now, I'm not saying that I want to be as cool and famous as they are (okay, maybe I'm hinting at it), but I really admire these people for their dedication for their work.  They update regularly.  They post interesting stuff.  Their passion for what they do really shows in their videos, and they're really good at what they do.

So that brings me down to this blog.  What do I want to get out of it?  Well, I like writing and am currently in the middle of writing a Christian fantasy trilogy.  I also just decided that I'm going to go back to Canada and perhaps persue law.  Writing a book requires writing (no kidding!) and pursuing law requires research skills.  I'd like to do both with this.  I want to look at science vs. the Bible, strange cultures from around the world, and my own everyday life with regards to my own Christian lifestyle.  I hope to grow and learn through this experience so I can develop the tools necessary to do what I want to do.

The name for this blog––"Looking Back, Pressing Forward"––came from an entry from my personal journal.  I recently made the decision to move back to Canada at the end of July of this year.  From there, a new chapter in my life will begin.  But before that, I have to leave the end of this chapter with a great cliff hanger and foreshadowing, something to propel me into my new life.

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