Monday, 9 March 2015

Sunday Showcase: 4 People Who You Should Be Following!

I read a lot of articles, and occasionally I'll come across a few people or their blogs that really catch my attention.  So I came up with this new weekly blog idea that I like to call 'Sunday Showcase.'  Well, 'Sunday' ended up being relative this week.  It was supposed to be Saturday and now it's late Sunday night, but this post probably won't be finished until Monday.  I have my new second-hand Nintendo 3DS to thank for that.  Darn procrastination!

I see a lot of bloggers do this sort of thing, so I want to have one constant, weekly blog showcasing people I admire or blog posts that are well-written.  So without further ado, here is the first edition of Sugoi Sunday Monday Showcase!  This week's edition features people.

1.     Tom Corson-Knowles (@JuiceTom)

This guy found me out of the millions of Twitter users when I tweeted about finishing my third edit of my first book.  Tom Corson-Knowles is the best-selling author of The Kindle Publishing Bible as well as many other books, and he is the founder of TCK Publishing.

He pointed me to four of his marketing videos where he covers topics such as editing your ebook for Amazon, submitting your ebook to Amazon, and marketing strategies.  The videos are easy to follow, and since I had a little more time on my hands than usual (and also because my brain's comparable to a sponge), I watched them all in one sitting.

In addition to the videos, he pointed me to his online podcast site where he interviews several best-selling authors and discusses tips for marketing.  I recommend checking out the interview with Rachel Aaron.  Her animated voice was so convincing and her explanations so informative that I had to follow her blog.  There are other useful interviews, so go check them out!

2.   Marc Guberti (@MarcGuberti)

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  No, I'm not talking about my grandpa's anonymous texts to family members, nor his desire to stay ahead of the times by buying an iPad (notice how I say 'buying', not 'using').  Mind you, I'm not that old, but when a seventeen-year-old entrepreneur is giving you advice on marketing and social media, you'd best tune your ears in.

Marc Guberti is smart.  He's like the guy topping the scholarship achievements you wish you got in High School because he's so brilliant.  I've infiltrated his blogs on social media because they're just that good.  He's a master of Twitter and Pinterest, his two primary platforms, and his blogs are so well laid out that you keep going back for more.  I've definitely learned a lot from his Twitter blogs.  He has an ebook out called 27 Ways to Get More Retweets on Twitter, which he's currently offering for free on his site.  So go get your copy!

3.  Matt Banner (@BlastYourBlog)

Who doesn't like a fun, easy read that's equally useful?  Matt Banner's "151 Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed to Blast Off Your Blog" is just that, and when you read it, your head is sure to explode with ideas.  Banner's purpose is to help beginning bloggers kickstart their blogs and become successful, and his casual writing style is inviting for any reader.  I took the time to write down every single one of those blog ideas in my blog planner just to keep them handy.  If you're thinking about starting a blog, check out his post "How to Start a Blog -The Step by Step Guide."  It'll convince you to actually start blogging if you've been considering it for a while.

4.   Dianna Gunn (@DiannaLGunn)

It's about time I showcased a woman!  I haven't been following Dianna Gunn for that long, but I already like her.  I mean, she's Canadian and I'm Canadian, so we've already got that special connection.  Because if it's one thing living in Japan has taught me, it's that all Canadians should know each other.

Anyway, let's get back to the showcase.  Dianna Gunn is a freelance writer from Toronto, and she has so much writing experience that it makes my 10+ previous occupations look insignificant.  But hey, that's her profession, and she has positive reviews to back up her claims.  If you're ever in need of a freelance writer, you'd better call her up.

Her blog is just as impressive as her credentials.  She covers several topics ranging from blogging to author spotlights.  They are definitely worth a look.  I recommend reading her post "Passion Cannot Sustain Art" where she addresses the struggling arts and raises questions about how people can support artists.  I have yet to read more, but this one was an inspiring post.

That concludes this week's Sugoi Sunday Monday Showcase.  Like I said before, every week, I plan to showcase certain blogs, videos, people, media, or anything that's caught my attention during the week.  Until next time, here are a few questions.  What are some of your favourite blogs or bloggers?  Who inspires you in the social marketing and writing spheres?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  I'm always looking for a good article to read.

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